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Entry #133

Final Recrutement

2013-11-13 08:12:04 by kenamii

Here are dat Final for joining the Skilleder Team,

Dchuyv have got 1 Point from one of the member, that count alot.
1999elias got the majority voting for him.

Zemort91 will decide for one of them, so we have to wait hur hur.

+ check out the intro of the group, Link Here
Each members will having a intro with his own character like this.

JUST NOTE: All Intro Will be Different and having differents actions, They will not jumping like me, or if they want, they do. lolol


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2013-11-13 08:47:09

XD That's funny, I just thought of you guys using the Powerpuff Girls song XD

kenamii responds:



2013-11-13 09:04:14

I seriously think Dchuyv deserves this more than me (also, when I seen all that votes I was like OMG!!! IT'S OVAH 0!!! xDDD).

@PizzaGod laughed alot with this xD

kenamii responds:

omfg h4x, i just found zemort91 comment 2 days ago, how stupid i am :u

so yea, sadly 2/3 (i dont vote) have voted for Dchuyv, i am so sorreyz
there still some crew somewhere in nevada though.


2013-11-13 11:20:16

Dchuyv :3